Monday, March 2, 2015

Pig Appreciation Day


         I'm super good at missing obscure holidays. Which stinks, because I love them. International pancake day? Pie day? Sibling day? Love them, but miss them all by at least a day.
             But I missed a big one.
                                 I missed Pig Appreciation day.

         Facebook failed to tell me until today that yesterday (March 1st) was Pig Appreciation day. Usually I would be okay with that but this year I actually have a pig to appreciate. Also we had two pounds of bacon in the fridge we could have eaten.
                    So with the earnest affection of a gas station card on Valentine's day, I will proceed to appreciate my pig, Sookie.

                            Because she's awesome. She barks like a dog when she's hungry and she doesn't break things and she is really good looking. So pretty much she is everything you want in a pig, right?

                         She also does this adorable tail wiggle that is better than anything anyone's stupid cat does so I will show you the video shamelessly.

Happy Day-After-Pig-Appreciation-Day Day! I hope all of you take a second to appreciate the pig in your life, be it book, beast, or bacon.

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