Meet The Family

I love my family. They are funny, encouraging, and unique. VERY unique.

Member of the family #1: Big Mike
    Funny, caring, determined, talented, and full of integrity, my dad is one of my favorite people. He never ceases to surprise us all with his many, many, many talents--he's good at every trade from mechanics to interior design. And despite his tough, ex-marine, man's man cowboy exterior, he's a real softie. Also, a real funny guy. People are sometimes surprised (sometimes not too surprised) to find that my dad has a ridiculous sense of humor, spanning from practical jokes to singing at the top of his lungs to his random, nobody-gets-it one liners. Sometimes we don't know whether to laugh or just roll our eyes. But through it all, my dad is a wonderful, God-loving man who will do anything for his family.

Member #2: Mama
   The saintly matriarch of the family, my mom is one of those people you want to be like. A woman who adores learning, she has a master's in journalism and spends her entire life pursuing her passion: teaching. Every chance she gets, she is sharing what she has learned; whether that's in her multiple English classes she teaches from home, in her Sunday school class at church, in her blog, or in the lives of her children. Her example of taking action for the things she believes in inspires me daily. And her witty blend of wisdom and humor is why we forgive her for not being able to throw around bales of hay or cook a perfect pot roast.

Member #3: Farmer's Daughter
photo credits Lisaset Photography

   My sister is the kind of girls they write country songs about. A through-and-through farm girl, her strong will, her tender heart, her beauty, and her love for living things makes her the perfect person to live in the sticks. She swears that all she would need to be happy is a camper, a family, a good dog, and a field full of cows. I believe her. Currently she is working hard at school as an Animal Science major and at work as a cow hand to reach--and hopefully surpass--that dream. Although at times she tends to play her bossy oldest sibling role a little too well, she is one of my closest friends and I am constantly grateful to have her.

Member #4: Big Macintosh
   How on earth am I supposed to describe my little brother? Well, first of all, he isn't exactly little. At six-foot-one and growing, he is a living mountain of personality--everyone knows this guy. With an imagination as big as the sky, a mind full of creative ideas, an eye for a good bow-tie, and a heart for leading others towards God, my brother is well on his way to becoming and exceptional young man. And while he can often prove to be a very adept annoying little brother, his random sense of humor (inherited from my dad), his hardworking attitude, and his expensive collection of Sonic Screwdrivers redeem him. And his fake Scottish accent kicks butt.

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